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Communities Cinco De Mayo also has a second fundraising effort that takes place in addition to scholarship efforts.  This second effort is called "Fill the piñata”, or "Poster Child".  Each year the board of Communities Cinco de Mayo selects a critically or chronically ill child that is less than twelve years of age to receive the proceeds. In the past fundraising efforts have included hosting zumbathons, give back nights at local businesses, selling t-shirts, and setting up donation cans at businesses around the county and at the festival. The money collected will be donated to the parents of the selected “poster child”.  

Meet Nancy! 2018 POSTER CHILD

On November 6th Nancy suffered multiple strokes & seizures due to a tumor in her heart. After 4 hours of open-heart surgery to remove the tumor, the doctors said that Nancy’s road to recovery would be long and difficult. The family was asked to prepare for the worst. Then a MIRACLE happened - Nancy showed her doctors that the impossible is POSSIBLE by starting to walk, talk, and eat on her own. Nancy continues to make progress towards recovery. Let's show Nancy our support by making this a successful year!

Fundraising Events:

Poster Child Events

04/14 - Tea Party at Southside Baptist Church

04/20 - Which Wich

05/01 - Skyline Burrito Bowls (All Day!)

04/28 - Zumbathon by Tiffany's Total Fitness

05/03 - Changing Lives Dance Center Zumbathon

2018 Local Business Support:

Previous Years:

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