Miss Cinco De Mayo Competition

About the Competition:

The Miss Cinco de Mayo is a competition organized by this organization for the purpose of offering scholarship assistance and opportunities in which young women may become future leaders.  In doing so, this organization has a set of rules and regulations by which the candidates will conduct themselves and to serve as role models for other young women with similar goals and characteristics.


This event is not a beauty contest! It consists of qualified young ladies between the ages of 17 to 21 competing to win a college scholarship by selling the greatest amount of raffle tickets. The candidates will be selling tickets during the weeks preceding the festival and the winner will be crowned Miss Cinco de Mayo and will be awarded a scholarship per the rules and regulations.  The other candidates will also receive a scholarship based on a percentage of sales as outlined in the rules and regulations, which are explained to all candidates and signed as agreement of such rules.

For any questions regarding Miss Cinco De Mayo please contact Lucy Reyes at lucy@etxcincodemayo.org

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