“To make a difference on the future of this multi-cultural community”

Communities Cinco de Mayo, "CCDM", is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(C)(3) organization established in 1996. The purpose of the organization is to provide scholarships to eligible students in the east Texas area. To date, through tax-exempt donations and money raised through various fundraising activities, CCDM has been able to award over $500,000.00 in scholarships.  

Every year CCDM hosts a festival to raise funds for scholarships. Scheduled the first Saturday in May the festival has a variety of vendors from food to crafts. It was also created with the intention of gathering the sponsors that generously give to CCDM, with the Hispanic residents of East Texas, and with those who choose to attend this important cultural event. 

Board Directors:

Chairman- Rogelio Reyes

President- Maria L. Reyes

Treasurer- David Perez


Board Members:

Alejandro Galaviz

Alex Contreras

Anthony Sorola

Betsy Mijares

Cathie Greer
Joseph Perez - Vendors
Juan Lopez
Juan Ramos
Rene Guajardo
Rudy Flores
Sylvia Eubanks - Entertainment
Yaneth Clifton